Consultancy should be an important part of the academic role

Consulting enables the academic to test his or her knowledge of practice and keep abreast of new practical developments. Furthermore, it gives the academic a feeling for how the various methods, tools and techniques he or she teaches are used in the often messy world of real life management.

In my case this has included a wide variety of projects in various settings. Below are some of the different project types I have worked on recently.

  • Selection of a business intelligence solution for a municipality in Iceland
  • Future workshop for a financial information technology services company
  • Identification of suitable Business Intelligence vendors for a company in Norway
  • Development of a benchmarking framework for a municipality in Iceland
  • Contract negotiation assistance in connection with an ERP project for a company in Iceland
  • Selection of an ERP vendor for a company in Iceland
  • Mapping of environmental, health & safety data for a company in Denmark
  • Evaluation of R&D project performance for a company in Denmark
  • Balanced scorecard development for a municipality in Denmark